HOT TAKE PRESS is a fully collaborative book press based in Cincinnati, OH. HTP's members consist of Hannah Brown, Bri Hicks, Luke Kindle, Jesse Ly and Aubrey Theobald

HTP was first conceived during the production of HOT TAKE at The University of Cincinnati in 2017. As a press we make books in-house that focus on facilitating a dialogue around art and visual culture through an anthropological lens. Collectively, we have paired with local organizations such as FotoFocus (Cincinnati, OH), The Carnegie Museum of Art (Covington, KY), and Special Collections (Cincinnati, OH). Currently we are working nationally with artists such as Marni Schindelman and Nate Larson with The George Eastman Museum (Rochester, NY). In addition to working with the art community surrounding us, we also focus on furthering one another's practices through the joint production of books related to each of our own studio contents.


Selected Exhibitions


Cincinnati Art Book Fair 2018 ,The Carnegie Museum of Art (Cincinnati, OH)

An Art Book Affair, Beeler Gallery (Columbus, OH)

Sights & Sounds II, Clifton House (Cincinnati, OH)


Cincinnati Art Book Fair 2017, Hoffner Lodge (Cincinnati, OH)

DAAP Works Showcase, Photo & Book Exhibition, DAAP (Cincinnati, OH)



The Intersection of Spaces by Hannah Brown, Edition of 10, Inkjet Print

Disconnect by Jesse Ly, Edition of 35, Riso Print

Bad Conez by Aubrey Theobald, Edition of 35, Riso Print


Year Book, Edition of 100, Riso Printed

Hot Take, Edition of 150, Riso & Screen Printed

Collaborative Projects


Design, Foto Focus Biennial Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

Print & Production Assistants, The Cincinnati Project: What Is and What Can Be: Women of Color and the Struggle for Justice (Cincinnati, OH)

Publisher & Collaborator, Out Alliance (Rochester, NY)

Hot Take x Mark Albain, Poster Edition of 50 (Cincinnati, OH)

Hot Take x Human Geology with Adriana Nortiz & Sophie Danin, Edition of 50 (Cincinnati, OH)


Year Book: An Archival Showcase for DAAP Photo Students (Cincinnati, OH)