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Hannah Brown 

Hannah Brown is an Art History student with a Fine Arts focus. Her craft centers in bookmaking, critical theory, and conversations that deal with anything from Tila Tequila's art career to the over-aesthetization of Alt-Right aesthetics. Brown has recently been published in CVSN 4 SURFACE, an anthology on what it means to interact with, impress upon, and project "surface." 

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Bri Hicks

Bri began her photographic practice as a portrait and documentary photographer. Her desire to insert home and sincerity into her practice has extended her to be an interdisciplinary artist who strives to comfort others through making. Most recently she has worked as an apprentice to Marni Shindelman in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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luke kindle

Luke is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, bookmaking, sculpture, and performance. Luke has most recently worked as an apprentice to Carmen Winant and Luke Sterner in Columbus, Ohio. 

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Jesse Ly

Jesse is working as an interdisciplinary artist, primarily through exploration of the medium of photography, but also working creatively in areas including videography, design, collage, printmaking, and sculpture. Currently, his practice revolves around concepts of identity, whether it be from his personal standpoint, or the interactions of social groupings and communities and their specific identities. Ly has most recently been exhibited at the 840 Gallery in his solo show, "Not A Real Person."

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aubrey theobald

Aubrey is an installation based artist whose work discusses site specificity, shared experience, navigation, and how these concepts can be rearticulated in the formal language of repetition and color. She creates multi-media, installation based, bodies of work by examining or traveling to local sites to draw from their most vital aesthetic and infrastructural attributes. The focus on rule baring objects in her work reflects the precariousness of navigating every day obstacles in politics, task, or leisure today. Most recently Theobald has been exhibited in her thesis body of work, "Waiting in Line: I Want to Love You" at the Reed Gallery and Victory Gallery in Cincinnati.